Whey Protein

If you are toiling hard to sculpt your body like a Greek god in gym and eating the best of food available in your kitchen but still not got the desired results, then you may think what is wrong or where your efforts are keeping short of your ultimate goal. People especially youngsters (people in the age group of 15 to 40) visit gym to redesign themselves, to stay fit & fine and to develop a better personality to leave the best first impression when they meet someone.
Well sometimes it happens that despite of the hard work one does, he or she does not get the result he / she wants. However, to improve your quality of life and to add more to your charm & beauty, you can include one more item in your regular diet i.e. whey protein. Now what is whey protein? Whey protein often used as a bodybuilding supplement is the protein present in whey, which is the watery part of milk that separates from curd while making cheese.

Whey Protein

There are many health advantages of consuming whey protein:
• It is utilized to improve athletic performance
• Act as a dietary supplement
• Best alternative for milk as many people have allergies if they consume lactose i.e. A sugar present in milk
• It act as a replacement for milk based infant diet formulas
• It compensates the weight loss
• It increases glutathione in individuals suffering from HIV
• It is an excellent source of protein for the individuals of all age groups who know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and want to live and honorable life.

Besides this, it also works well in asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, weight loss, protein allergies, last stage cancer etc.

Benefits of whey protein:

– Regulating weight
When using whey protein in a low calorie, protein rich diet, it helps in losing weight by shedding extra fat so that you could maintain lean & slender muscles. People who take whey protein find it far better than fats & carbohydrates.

Well being

It is a wonderful resource of high quality protein containing all the essential acids needed for excellent health. Regular intake of whey proteins helps to build a powerful immunity system to protect the individual from harmful diseases.

– Healthy, happy, & graceful aging

Recent research shows that the older American people can reduce the age related muscular atrophy by increasing their daily consumption of whey protein. They can also engage in resistance training. This way they will remain young & healthy for long time and it will lead to graceful aging.

– Recovery from exercise

Consumption of whey protein after exercise aids in building and repairing the damaged muscles. Moreover, if consumed along with taking resistance exercises regularly will develop lean & slender muscles. Merely taking resistance exercises and consuming carbohydrates is not that beneficial.

– Muscle preservation and losing fat

According to a group of researches in the empire state, who conducted at 16 weeks study on the efficiency of whey protein in reducing fat, individuals who consumed whey protein in their diet lost a significant amount of body fat and were able to preserve their muscles in a better way.

– Becoming stronger with increased size

Researchers of famous university in Minnesota have found that those who consume whey proteins have increase in mass that is fat free with a greater muscular strength. Therefore, what if you are not getting desired results even if you are hitting the gym hard. The answer to this is to consume whey proteins 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking the exercises.

– Reduction in hunger

It has been observed that consuming any beverage containing 50 grams of whey protein remarkably reduces level of ghrelin (a hormone that induces hunger and tells you to eat) up to 4 or 5 hours. Therefore, to avoid eating junk foods or munching on unhealthy stuff, you may drink a whey protein shake to suppress your hunger. Moreover, even when you feel hungry and you want not to take extra calories you may try a whey protein bar. This not only keeps you healthy but also prevents obesity.

Fighting against cancer

Various studies have concluded that whey proteins are quite helpful in fighting against some of the most common forms of cancer including colon & prostate. The best way to safeguard against cancer is to undergo regular check-ups taking the advice of your doctor and including whey proteins in your daily diet.

– Stress management

Recent studies show that those who consume whey protein experience very less or no symptoms of depression and remain cheerful & lively as compared to those who do not consume. So rather than drawing yourself in liquor whenever stresses, go for it rejuvenating whey protein shake.

– Better immune system

It has been discovered that the intake of whey proteins hardly reduces the level of glutathione. Recent research shows that strenuous physical exercises result in the reduced glutathione levels that could have a negative impact on gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems. So if you want to spend some more time exercising then always keep whey along with you as it will keep your glutathione level intact.

Ways of producing whey proteins

1. When milk coagulates, it gradually changes into of 5 % solution of lactose in water containing various minerals.

2. This leftover by product better known as whey, constitute 20 % of the protein in milk, the other 80 % is known as casein (the curds in cottage cheese).

3. Whey in liquid form is separated from the casein and is made to pass through filters to remove all non-whey portion. A process called ion exchange further purifies it.

4. It is finally turned into powder in a drying tower where all the water is removed.

5. The whey protein is ready to be packed and consumed in powdered form. Major side effects

The most common side effects of consuming whey protein are

• Headache
• Loss of appetite
• Swelling
• Cramps
• Increased bowel movements
• Damage to the kidney
• Hepatic failure
• Osteoporosis
• Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction

It is a very grave medical emergency. Its symptoms may include hives or rashes accompanied by selling on the face, throat, or tongue. Sometimes there is a difficulty in inhaling air as well.

winvMajor cause

Lactose is one of the ingredients of whey proteins and not all but many people show intolerance towards lactose. Their stomach does not agree with lactose and they simply cannot digest the lactose part of the milk. This happens because they lack an important enzyme called lactose in their intestines. Therefore, if such individuals consume whey proteins then it might cause a severe allergic reaction.