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Dianabol Cycle: Results and Effects

Methandrostenolone commonly known as Dianabol, Danabol, Dbol is an effective anabolic streroid which is popular among the body builders in Western Europe. It increases the effect of many injectable steroids and improvement is even greater than doubling the amount of the injector for example 50 mg of trenbolone stacked with 50 mg of dianabol is far more effective than 100 mg trenbolone. Several professional body builders and athletes came up and admitted long term usage of Dianabol; which helped in body enhancements and muscle gains.

Dbol Results

Talking about the results, Dbol is one among fastest anabol to provide the results which are the main reason, because of which dianabol is loved by many people. Even though it has many positive results but it can carry some strong side effects with them as well. However these side effects are avoidable if supplementation is taken in a proper manner.

Some of the positive Dianabol Cycle results are:

While a most powerful anabol indeed, results of dianabol largely depend on the food we eat. If proper fueling is given to the body along with the dianabol cycle rapid increase in build-ups and mass can be observed. So, never cut or reduce the diet during the dianabol cycles if you are trying to gain mass. But the above thing doesn’t give the user license to eat a lot as if the diet is increased above a specific level then the use of drug could pile up extra fats on the body as efficiency of utilization of calories increases.

Negative Dianabol results or Dianabol Side effects

Most of steroids can be tolerated by healthy adult men, but dianabol is not without possible complications. It has a strong aromatizing nature; such a nature promotes water retention, high blood pressure etc.This is reason dianabol dosage should be a controlled one to maintain a healthy blood pressure. But if the aromatizing effect can be combated then Dbol could be extremely useful and that is reason due to which many people using Dbol consider using an aromatase Inhibitor with it. Beyond Aromatese which leads o higher estrogen values, Dbol also increases the values of liver enzymes and also has a hepatotoxic nature which can cause damage to the liver. For women it is more severe as it causes excessive masculine effects even at a low dosage.

Dianabol Cycle 

If we talk about the results and performance then it’s hard to beat dianabol. Its popularity and the results leaves no doubt in the mind of people but still it’s important to know about the cycles of dianabol. The common dianabol cycle is:

Off season Dianabol Cycle: This cycle generally lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks. There are some prefer a kick start and other use this steroid as a plateau buster but this is not something generally recommended by the physicians. Absolutely, it will work but a Dianabol cycle can be quite toxic to the liver and it is recommended to keep the cycle short to maintain optimum liver health.