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Turinabol is a steroid, which is not that famous as many others not just because it is less commonly used anabolic steroids, but it is not readily available as well as many others. It was first produced in the East Germany by jenapharm.  It was made purely to enhance athletic performances otherwise; it has no utility in the medical field. During the cold war era with Germany divided into east and west, the East Germany did all they could to win in the Olympic Games by any means. Moreover, surprisingly, they were quite successful in their efforts, as Turinabol remains one of the few anabolic steroids that is quite target specific and is a dominant force in performance upliftment of the athletes. Turinabol is a synthetic anabolic steroid. It can be detected over a period of one and half-month i.e.  six week and sustain its efficiency for about 16 hours.

Why is it the first preference of athletes?

Unlike other anabolic compounds, turinabol offers lean & slender muscles with a minimum of water retention in them. Furthermore, it does not have estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, bloating, oily skin, and acne.

Turinabol is an ideal drug both for males as well as for females because of its lower androgenic activity. Our body breaks it down quickly, and its metabolites are excreted relatively faster via urine. In addition, athletes can keep all advantages gained with the help of turinabol even after completing the steroid cycle.

Turinabol cycles and doses

This steroid does not provide beefcake body therefore most of the body builders do not prefer using it and even if they use they use, they use it in off season and that too in large quantities because of its low productivity in terms of bodybuilding. However, due to this reason only turinabol become a poor choice in off-season. Turinabol could be beneficial for dieting bodybuilder but again there are very few reasons to use Turinabol when there are so many other useful alternatives.  It is an oral anabolic-androgenic steroid; therefore, its hepatic total use should not exceed the time, but even if the time is approximately. One month two weeks then also it is supposed to be as perfect.

An athlete who wants to enhance the performance is advised to take at least 20 mg per day, but it can go up to 40 mg per day according to the individual’s requirement.  However, 40 mg doze is far better in terms of boosting the overall athletic performance but if you want to develop an outstanding physique, you have to take massive quantities on a daily basis.


Benefits of turinabol

Turinabol may not provide you the amount of mass like other steroid, but it is a good anabolic steroid for most of the cycles. Since it is comparatively costly, it is not the best choice either. However, turinbol has a reputation to provide the exact size you want that too a pure muscle tissue without water retention. However, do not have a misconception that it is a poor bodybuilder like primobalan but its positivity lives largely in increasing strength, stamina, and enhancing athletic performance. If you want to gain large amount of mass then, you have to take turinabol in fairly large amounts.

Turinabol should not be a cause of astonishment due to its high-performance enhancing results as most of the anabolic steroids are made with the very intention, when they are introduced in the market. Well now, the question arises how good this turinabol in meeting your expectations? A doze as little as 10mg per day can prove to be worthwhile as it has the potential to boost up an athlete’s performance like anything. This also holds true in the body building department, but the bodybuilder use this steroid when they intend to diet.  This is because as turinabol does not provide that much mass as the other potential steroids do.

That is why most of the bodybuilders supplement themselves with turinabol during off-season I. E. when they are not performing or getting ready to perform. This is the time when they do not want to gain mass but on the same time want to retain their strength.  Therefore, this is probably the dieting phase of the body builder’s career and then turinabol helps in doing his exercises on an extended manner. Despite of all the pros turinabol is still not the most popular steroid among bodybuilders in any of the phases of their career as its availability is very low and there are many other steroids, which work much efficiently as compared to turinabol.

The side effects of turinabol

It is derived from testosterone just like Dianabol. Its structure is also similar to Dianabol. It is a c-17 alpha alkylated anabolic steroid, which is a common characteristic among most of the oral anabolic steroids. Confidently major side effects of turinabol are associated with its structure characteristics only.  Moreover, excess supplementation can also create problems.  Now we will discuss some of the major side effects of turinabol in detail.

Testosterone side effects of turinabol

Use of turinabol suppresses naturally produced testosterone and that necessitates the use of artificial testosterone I. E. exogenous testosterone supplementation. Failing which can lead to an extremely unhealthy condition as testosterone is necessary for normal working of all male reproductive organs and it is also responsible for characteristics features of males like deep voice, broad shoulders, facial hair and muscularity. In the absence of testosterone, one may lose all these characteristics and acquire the feminine ones. By supplementing yourself with exogenous testosterone, you can avoid any problem. No matter what form of testosterone you use but make sure that it fulfills all your needs.

Female Side effects of turinabol

Besides effecting, the lever the most troublesome side effect of turinabol supplementation is Virilization i.e. the condition that results in the promotion of male hair pattern growth and other masculine characteristics in females. There are very few choices for females when it comes to steroid supplementation and if there are any they must have low Virilization statistics. The most famous being primabolon and Anavar out of which Anavar is considered to be the best. Virilization is characterized by male pattern body hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris and Deepening of the vocal chords.  Al of these characteristics can deprive a woman from fertility entirely ruining her life.  However, turinabol is not that notorious in causing Virilisation but we do not recommend it, as there are far better options for females to choose from.