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Turinabol Dosage

Turinabol is slowly becoming one of the most popular oral steroids around, many people compare it to dianabol but without the water retention. The dosage of turinabol is widely debated, many people believe a high dosage needs to be used to see decent results, while there is truth to this, a lower dosage can also yield some pretty decent results.

Turinabol can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles. Many people choose it over winstrol in a cutting cycle because it is stronger and produces more lean muscle gains. In a bulking cycle many people choose it over dianabol because they want to avoid water retention.

Dosages generally range from between 30mg all the way up to 100mg a day, many people believe 100mg is overkill while others believe its the best dosage to use. In my opinion a dosage of 50 to 70mg a day is more than enough and will produce some sick glean muscle gains and good strength gains.

The video below was produced by iroids.com and explains in more detail the dosages of turinabol.