The deadlift is an exercise which requires a lot of force and effort to perform. It mainly focuses on the lower back muscles but most of the muscles in the body are activated during this exercise, this is what makes it so effective. Before performing the deadlift you need to know exactly what you are doing so that you don’t injure yourself. Injuring the lower back can happen very easily especially when using heavy weights.

How To Do a Deadlift

1. Feet should be shoulder width apart with toes pointing slightly out. The bar should be in front of you about 10cm’s from your shins.

2. Push your chest out and pull your shoulders back. This will make sure you don’t round your back and cause injury.

3. Grab the bar with a 50cm grip width. Look in front of you (looking down also causes the back to round).

4. Your arms should always be straight during the deadlift. Bending them will put strain on the arms and shoulder muscles.

5. Pull the bar to your shins, push from the heels and slowly lift the bar until your legs are straight. Then lock the knees and lift your upper body making it straight. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly so that your back doesn’t round.

Start with just the bar and no weights till you master the technique. Once you can perform the deadlift perfectly you can slowly add weights. Always warm up the body before doing a deadlift to assure you don’t pull any muscles.