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Bodybuilding Supplements

With Bodybuilding being more popular now than ever there has been a big market for muscle building supplements, there are thousands of companies around the world producing and selling many different types of bodybuilding supplements. While a lot of these supplements work well and help users add on muscle mass, there are also a lot of junk supplements out there that cost a lot and don’t deliver great results. So which supplements work and which ones dont? That is one of the biggest questions asked today.

Bodybuilding Supplements Proven To Work

  • Protein powders such as Whey protein
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Bcaa’s (branch chain amino acids)
  • D-Aspartic Acid

There are many others that work but in my opinion the list above are the best supplements out there.

Testosterone Boosters

Test boosters are one of the most popular types of supplements available, it is a common fact that higher testosterone levels mean more muscle, more strength and faster recovery time. Products such as tribulus terrestris and fenugreek extract are popular testosterone boosters and have been around for a while. Another very popular one which is quite new in the bodybuilding world is D-aspartic acid, this supplement has scientific studies to prove it works and in my opinion D-aspartic acid is the bests testosterone booster available today.

Protein Powders

No matter how hard you train you need an adequate amount of protein to build muscle, bodybuilders need a lot more protein that the average person in order to build muscle effectively. There are different types of protein powders available such as whey, soy and casein.  Whey protein is the superior protein out of the 3 and is the best choice unless you are a vegan. Whey protein is fast acting and so it is a great source of protein for directly after a workout when your body needs it most.

Protein powders work well and help bodybuilders bring their daily protein up, however there is no substitute for real food, eating chicken, fish and meat is the best option for getting quality protein in, but when you need 300 grams of protein a day it can be very hard and also expensive getting it all from meat and that is where protein shakes come in, taking 1 or 2 shakes a day can be a great help when it comes to reaching your protein target for the day.

Fat Burners

Fat burners are probably the most sold supplement out there today, there are millions of people around the world everyday trying to burn fat and get into better shape. One big misconception when it comes to fat burners is that many people think if you pop a few fat burner tablets daily and don’t change your diet you will still lose weight. This is false, nothing burns fat better than a strict diet, fat burners merely add a bit of extra help to the process.

If you are looking for a fat burner try finding something with a appetite suppressant in it, this will help with cravings and also make it easier to stay on a calorie restricted diet. Consuming less calories that what you are burning will lead to good fat loss.  A good appetite suppressant is Garcinia Cambogia which lately has become very popular around the world for one reason, IT WORKS.