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Prohormones are anabolic products similar to steroids, the difference being prohormones only covert to anabolic steroids once inside the body. This is the reason that many prohormones are still legal as technically they are not steroids. Prohormones are extremely potent when it comes to building muscle, and they are just as strong if not stronger than some steroids.

Prohormones are usually taken by beginners who think they are safer than using steroids, this is not true, these products are just as bad as steroids, and because they are oral, they put a lot of strain on the liver.

Side Effects

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • High blood pressure
  • liver damage
  • Gynecomastia

There are many other possible side effects related to prohormone usage. Just like with steroids a PCT needs to be followed after a prohormone cycle, many people make a mistake in thinking that prohormones are mild and safe and that a pct is not required. If you don’t do a pct after a prohormone cycle, you are at high risk of messing yourself up!

Just like with steroids certain prohormones are good for cutting and ones good for bulking.

Popular Prohormones

  • M-sten
  • Dymethazine
  • Superdrol
  • H-drol
  • Epistane
  • Trenavar
  • Furaza

There are hundreds of different prohormone blends out there made by different companies, many designed for cutting or bulking cycles, the above list is a small example of good prohormones.

Buying Prohormones

Gone are the days where you can walk into a shop and buy prohormones, although there are still small supplement shops that may sell certain prohormones, the easiest way now is to go online and find websites selling them. There are many different websites selling prohormones that can overnight courier them to you. Prohormones in South Africa are very popular as many people don’t want to use steroids yet.