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The Dangers of Oral Steroids

Anabolic steroids have become a point of controversy throughout the years. Initially, the drugs were brought in to help with the performance of athletes, but different sporting associations soon banned them; first of all by the Olympic Games commission. Since then, there has been more research into the uses of these drugs and they are now popular for curing and helping with many different diseases.

Different side effects:

The problem is that there are so many that they all have different side effects. Not all have been approved by the FDA for use and are very dangerous. Oral steroids have more dangers than the injected types and this danger is more to the kidneys and the liver. The medication causes a buildup of toxins in the liver, which leads to many other health conditions.

Anabolic medication:

The anabolic medication aids with the production of testosterone in the system, which helps to build muscle and lose fat. However, with some such as Winstrol and Dianabol, the testosterone converts into estrogen. This leads to many steroids side effects, such as fat gain and acne. However, there are more significant problems with the steroid side effects. Water retention is very common when the hormones convert to estrogen.

Water retention:

Water retention may not sound like a significant problem. However, there are many other health problems including weakened blood vessels and high blood pressure. These two side effects are linked to many issues including death. In fact, high blood pressure is one of the silent killers and often causes heart attacks without people even realising that they are ill; people often die of a heart attack within minutes of the heart attack starting.


However, it is not just the estrogen that can cause problems. The testosterone increase can also cause side effects. Hair loss is just one that is common in men. However, women will notice that there is more facial hair and a reduction in breast size. There are also cognitive effects when taking the anabolic drugs, especially a change in the ability to handle aggression. Many people become much more aggressive and angry without understanding why. This can lead to depression and anxiety.

Roid rage:

Roid rage is widespread with steroid use and is when the aggressive behaviour becomes the big problem. This is usually seen in people who already have an angry disposition, but it can be seen in others. This has been noted as the reason why many murders and highly violent attacks happen. It is commonly used as a defence in a court case but is not commonly upheld. The argument is that the person has the choice of taking the drugs even when prescribed; they could talk to their doctor about their mood swings.

Medical conditions:

While the drugs have been known to help with many medical conditions, it is essential that a doctor prescribes them. This not only means that they are legally bought but also prevents mixing the chemicals with anything else. There is no saying over what has been added to the drugs when it comes to products on the black market. Health is the most important thing.

Side effects that you are experiencing:

By having the prescribed, it also means that the doctor knows what you are taking and can monitor you for any side effects that you are experiencing. There are many different types of drugs, and you could be switched to a different one. Some do not convert to estrogen, such as Masteron, which can be used in women and help to battle breast cancer. There are also medications that can be used to help treat the side effects, such as Accutane for the acne.

Doctor can help with cognitive problems:

A doctor can also help with cognitive problems and can often change the dosage or the type of steroid taken to help prevent the problems from getting any worse. The dose is very important as it is possible to overdose on the testosterone. Usually, you should take a certain amount depending on your body weight. However, this can become excessive when it comes to bodybuilders and other athletes. It leads to the need to balance the dose, which a doctor can do.

Anabolic drugs:

When a doctor knows that you are one these prescription anabolic drugs, they can monitor all of your body fluids and signs. Blood pressure that is high can be caught early, and the doctor will know the reason for the high number. He can then change your drugs to help to cut down on this. Usually, this will involve switching your steroid to one that does not convert to estrogen and instead converts to progesterone.

Worry about taking steroids:

If your doctor does prescribe you steroids, there is no need to worry about taking them. While there are risks, there are also a lot of good things that these drugs can help with. The main one is that they have been known to aid the immune system, especially those who are sufferers or HIV or AIDS. They have also been known to help those who are suffering from blood conditions, including Leukemia and anaemia.

Create more red blood cells:

The anabolic drugs create more red blood cells, which aids with the passing of oxygen around your body. This means that your heart and brain can work better. They have been known to help with memory loss and even prevent or keep Alzheimer’s and other dementia problems at bay. However, they are not a cure, and the results are all dependent on the person.

Reaction of different drugs:

It is worth remembering that everyone is different and everyone will react differently to the drugs. If you are worried, then you should talk to your doctor and only take this information as just that – information. This should not be used as a way to make medical decisions or diagnose yourself.